Help for landlords

Are you up to date on all the inspections and certificates for any properties you rent out? Not sure where to start? We can help with friendly, fast and effective landlord support services which will keep your tenants, and the government, happy. This includes:

Landlord safety certificates

Landlords have a responsibility to ensure that any gas appliances fitted in their properties are in good working order and are not hazardous to health. To prove you’ve done this you’ll need a regular inspection of your gas equipment – and a certificate to say it’s all OK. We’re fully qualified to get you all the necessary paperwork and can book you in for regular, one-off or emergency appointments.

To keep the right side of the law you need an annual gas safety check (done within a year of any installation of new equipment or flue venting). From this check you’ll need to:

– Keep a copy of the sign-off certificate for two years for yourself
– Give your existing tenants a copy within four weeks of it being done
– Give any new tenants a copy before they take the keys

This is a non-negotiable legal requirement. However, we know how busy things can be so are happy to provide you with an annual reminder to get booked in. We can also help with fitting the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors that you’re obliged to provide, and PAT testing electrical appliances.


Learn more on our Gas Certificates page


Boiler breakdown

Your obligations as a landlord also stretch to ensuring your tenant has reasonable access to heating and hot water, so it’s important to keep your property’s boiler in good working order. We recommend at least an annual service as this should spot problems early and keep your warranty valid. During a routine service visit one of our skilled tradesmen will consider:

– Whether the flue (or venting) is working efficiently and appropriately
– Whether there are any worrying signs of corrosion or damage to the boiler
– Whether the safety provisions and controls on the unit are functioning appropriately

If you do find you need an emergency call-out, then we’ll always try to visit the same day, and make an assessment and plan for fixing or replacing equipment as soon as possible. We’ll usually have a decent selection of spare parts to hand so we can fix simple problems on the spot. If it’s more complex, then our excellent connections to the trade means if we can’t do it straight away we should still be able to find what’s needed as soon as possible.


Landlord Boiler Services


Legionella testing

Your other plumbing-related responsibility as a landlord is to manage the risk of your tenants being exposed to the Legionella bacteria which can sit in water systems. This potentially fatal condition can be easily managed through regular maintenance and testing, so why not call today for an appointment? We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Legionella Testing Oxford