Gas Safety Certificates for Landlords

Why do you need a gas safety certificate?


For landlords renting out their property, regardless of size, it is a legal requirement to have a Gas Safety Certificate to demonstrate that all gas appliances, fittings and flues are safe for tenants to use.

Outlined in the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, this is a key document to keep those in your care safe and prevent any potential incidents that may be related to gas appliances in the home.

Carried out and distributed by a Gas Safe registered engineer on an annual basis, it’s essential to provide tenants with the document within 28 days of the inspection, and also to new tenants before they move into the property.

What we do for you as landlords


As a Gas Safe registered company who is legally qualified to carry out these checks, our professional team of engineers at SR Coates Plumbing and Heating are highly experienced in this field.

We understand the legal requirements that landlords need to rent out their property and assist efficiently and effectively from your first call. When you have booked an inspection, a specialist member of our team will visit the property in question and check appliances such as gas fires, boilers and gas cookers checking that it has been properly installed, maintained and in a good working order.

We need to ensure that there is a low risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks and any other hazards which may cause harm. It’s essential to have a Gas Safety Check and subsequent certificate, as failure to comply with the regulations could lead to fines, legal penalties and in severe cases, imprisonment, if not followed correctly.

Landlord gas safety FAQs


Do all rental properties need a Gas Safety Certificate?


If you are a landlord renting out a property then yes it is a legal obligation to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate to verify that your gas appliances are compliant with regulations. Regardless of size, from flats to rooms and houses, all need to pass the test. Also, some landlord insurance policies may ask for proof of a valid Gas Safety Certificate as part of the application process, and failing to provide one could affect the insurance coverage.


Can I carry out the inspection myself?


The short answer is no, unless you are a Gas Safe Registered engineer. It’s important to ask for assistance from a professional, trusted and reputable company who are on the official register for gas engineers are they are legally qualified to carry out the inspection and sign the certificate to demonstrate that your property is in line with current regulations.


What happens if the engineer spots an issue?


If an engineer finds something that looks troubling during the inspection, the landlord must address it as soon as possible as a legal obligation. Once these fixtures have been made then a follow-up check will ensure that all appliances are compliant before a Gas Safety Certificated is issued.


How long does the certificate last?


As a gas safety check is an annual obligation, a landlord Gas Safety Certificate is valid for 12 months. However, a new inspection must be completed before the current certificate date expires, otherwise, you’ll be breaking the law by renting out a property that has an outdated certificate and is therefore deemed unsafe.


At SR Coates Plumbing and Heating our finger is always on the pulse of the latest regulations and ensures that health and safety are a priority in each of the homes we visit. Gas safety certificates for landlords are carried out on a property-by-property basis as all appliances must be checked to protect your tenants. Operating from our HQ location in Oxford we can assist landlords in the surrounding areas.