How long does it take to install a new boiler? 

By 23rd August 2022Boiler and Central Heating

How long does it take to install a new boiler?

When your boiler is beyond repair and can no longer be saved with a service or general maintenance, it’s time to get the professionals to install a new boiler. They’re essential to providing a central heating system in your home, hot water, and there is a wide variety when it comes to the type of boiler you order and have installed. Whether you want to do a combi swap with old gas boilers and have a new smart thermostat installed or are looking to relocate the boiler altogether, it’s a variable process when fitted by a professional depending on your circumstances.

The installation time will differ due to a number of factors such as what kind of boiler you’re installing and its location in the house. It’s also important to get assistance from a gas safe registered engineer who will complete the task to a high standard and will meet gas safe regulations too. The variety of installation processes include:

Straight boiler swap – 4-6 hours

The simplest and quickest installation is when an engineer is swapping an old boiler in your home for a new one of the same type. Say for example the boiler replacement will be installed in the same location and all the pipes are already in place for gas, central heating and water. The process is pretty straightforward, as the system will be drained and isolated by disconnecting the thermostat and electricity which can be achieved in less than a day. 

Changing the position of your boiler – 1-2 days

If you’re doing refurbishments to your house or need to relocate the boiler, this will take a little more time than a straightforward swap as new pipework for water and gas will need to be installed along with new cables connected for electric power and thermostats. It’s important to keep this in mind when looking at where it is best to fit a new boiler. 

Installing a new combi boiler – 1-2 days 

This is comparable to if you’re putting in a new boiler into a building that doesn’t already have one in place. All the same processes will need to be actioned when putting in new pipes and cables, but bear in mind that if no central heating system is in place at all then this will increase the length of time for instalment. This can elongate to 3-4 days as it’s one of the larger boiler installation jobs for an engineer as you’re changing the type and the position. You may also need to have new brackets, re-route the water and gas supplies and even knock holes through to make room. 

Changing the type of boiler – 2-3 days 

Whether you’re investing in a new combi, heat only or system boiler, due to the fact you’re changing the type altogether will need a new set of plumbing and electrics. System boilers require a cylinder to hold water for the central heating, whilst heat only boilers need an expansion and cold water tank. When changing boilers the installation time will be spent taking away any unnecessary tanks, cylinders and pipework. 

Changing fuel type – 2-3 days 

If you’re looking for an alternative to the current boiler you have and upgrading from oil or gas to a new electric model, there will be extra plumbing and electrical work to consider even if you’re keeping the boiler in the same location. 

At SR Coates our experienced and knowledgeable gas engineers are on hand to supply and fit a new boiler to your specification and schedule. We understand that the process can be disruptive to your home life so we’ll be honest about the time it will take and what work will be carried out. We’re pleased to offer leading names in the industry such as Worcester Boilers, Vaillant, Viesmann, Baxi and Ideal and will advise on which boiler is best for you. We’ll also ensure that you’re happy operating the new boiler and can use it correctly and safely once installation is complete.